Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria is the most common way to make money online as a Nigerian.

Quickly on this post, I will be revealing to you potential and money making guaranteed Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria that you can make a good amount of money from as a beginner or starter.


Why Should You Venture Into Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

If I am to mention reasons why you should venture into affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the reasons will be endless as the efforts will stretch and bring further reasons. I have personally affiliated with lots of Nigerian companies in the recent time and made some bucks for myself. This is one of the reason am relating to you that starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria could be a profitable time investment.

First, you will make more money by doing nothing much rather than posting to Facebook and Twitter which is your similar to your regular or daily activities on social media.

Secondly, you will become a top notch internet marketer by learning from your trial and errors to generate more sales.

Thirdly, you may be considered as an ambassador for the brand or company you are affiliating in due time with a lot of other potential prices and benefits.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Nigerians to make Money from

Wakanow Affiliate Program

Many Nigerians do not know that Wakanow does accept people to help them market their flight tickets and hotels booking in a customized manner that pleases the affiliates. As an affiliate with Wakanow Travel Network, you have unlimited access to cater for your clients who accept to buy the Wakanow tickets through you.

You have the opportunities to offer a discount to your clients at the best rate and can also customize flight ticket invoice, rebrand it with your company name, Logo and Slogan while you still earn massive commission attached with other benefits, depending on your efforts and achievements. For example; you will be given access to travel ticket for free to any country and also will be given a free credit loan and many other benefits when you meet certain criteria. Click here to get started.


Jumia Affiliate Program

jumia affiliate program-netpreneur nigeria

Jumia is a standalone best e-commerce website in Nigeria that works with partners to deliver best products to consumers in different parts of the country.

A lot of peoples now knows about Jumia platform and will likely want to buy from Jumia. This is an opportunity to start making money online just by sharing what others think they might want to buy.

You can sign up as a Jumia Affiliate Program and start promoting their products.

In 2017’s Jumia Black Friday, I had made over 28 sales using my affiliate links.

Do you know that lot of people wants to buy stuff from Jumia but don’t know how to go about it? As in, I mean the stress of surfing through various products until they finally place the order. Cool, you know how to shop on Jumia, how can you help others to shop on Jumia while you also make some change in your pocket? This is the reason why you have to start affiliating with Jumia global store and sign up peoples who want to buy from Jumia with your affiliate links and make sure they actually click your links before buying.

Note: They shouldn’t use the mobile app to buy; else your earnings won’t be credited.


Konga Affiliate Program

Konga is another top-rated e-commerce website in Nigeria with lots of products ranging from Groceries, clothing, electronics, mobile and the rest of other household items.

Konga is a trusted site that shoppers delight in buying their fashions and household products. Good news is that; they offer affiliate program service for those Nigerians who want to make money online promoting. It doesn’t matter if you have a website or not. All you have to do is to promote your affiliate links on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alongside with any catchy image that will catch your audience views until they click and buy. This way, your affiliate earnings will increase and you can withdraw all your earnings the following month. Become an affiliate here.

Read this detailed guide to Konga Affiliate Program.

Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Though Aliexpress isn’t a Nigerian website but a Chinese website. But notwithstanding, you can make a good amount of money without a website promoting Aliexpress on your Social Media. Recently, I got all most 2 sales on Aliexpress that got me almost $26 and I was happy about that. Similar to Jumia and Konga, Aliexpress deliver products from China to any country including Nigeria. This is an opportunity for you to recommend high-quality products from Aliexpress and get paid by promoting them when peoples buy with your links. Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program here.

Affnaija Affiliate Program (Beta)

Affnaija though I haven’t used it and cannot say am sure about them. But according to reviews and recommendations from trusted friends,  I think their mission is promising. The most promising part of it is that they affiliate with Jumia to make their business a reality.

You only need to post links sent to your dashboard by Affnaija on Facebook and Twitter and then you get paid for that day.


GT Bank Affiliate Program

GT Bank I-Refer Program

GT Bank Launches GTB iRefer program to enable people earn by referring new customers who want to open an account with GT Bank. GTB is a popular bank that can easily and always get customers on her own what more can the output be when you put your little effort to get clients for them and get a little commission.

Refer to this post for a step by step guide to GT Bank Affiliate Program.


These are the 5 best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria for you to start making money online without investing any token. In my article, I have used most of these affiliate programs and have withdrawn money from them, and I also can guarantee that they all work well with exception of Affnaija that I have not tested.

If in case you have any issue with anyone, please do let me know in the comment box.





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