Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria remains one of the best ways for you to really make money online, Affiliate marketing brings you a whole new world of vast opportunities.

Starting from the ability to make money while you sleep, and coupled with the fact that you do not need to go through the stress of creating products, you definitely need to start Affiliate Marketing right now.


Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria :: 5 Reasons You Need To Start Now

1. Small Capital

Some business needs a very big capital, while will you need to waste one year looking for money when before starting affiliate marketing. What you don’t know is that when it comes to affiliate marketing you need like $3 monthly for hosting $7 for domain so that you can setup your websites (sometimes you don’t even need a website!). netpreneur can help you with hosting at a very reduce rate.

Now what will be needed from you is article/contents for your affiliate business this one you should be able to also write by yourself, when going for a websites please choose a nice CMS and design you can use WordPress because its free and then when writing a blog post is not for fun is to help but it should be all optimize get traffic and sales to your sited so you can be easily seen on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

You will be making lots of money from your website through affiliate marketing, will you not be happy to realize that the startup cost is still low. No need for an expensive office to be seen by customers, will not hire anyone to take care of customer support because this is not an e-commerce venture.

2. You will make money fast

Through affiliate marketing, once you finish with the above you can start pocketing some cash from starting. Technology which is a popular niches and fashion for instance will really convert much almost immediately because its what people are really interested in. How do you make money from this? You will make lots of income for referring customer to buy your products.


Few customers can make you enough money monthly from affiliate marketing. The same way I started my own affiliate marketing business while still at the university is what am revealing to you now. I made much money and reinvested it then my income start doubling to the point i pursue it full time as a career.

Should I call it magic or miracle, the thing is once you start to see your first sales you will be motivated to do more and that is how the money will be coming. Don’t forget, affiliate marketing like I said don’t need much support or customer service attention like in the offline business. When you refer customers, the operator/merchant will handle the customer loyalty and marketing campaigns as well.

3. Affiliate Marketing Generates Millions

When people say that affiliate marketing is only meant for small businesses I consider it as a misconceptions. Not withstanding, affiliate marketing has in so many instances built big multilevel companies and brands.

A Nigeria blogger I know such as Mr Pascal Okafor of naijatechguide has won a jackpot through Konga affiliate marketing program. Mr Pascal Okafor of naijatechguide won the sum of One Million Naira (N1,000,000) as the best affiliate marketer of

There is no limits to affiliate marketing, reason is the more traffic the more money you generate. The most important thing is your affiliate marketing strategy.

Take note, launch your affiliate marketing business in a high growth industry or let it be the one you can add your own unique innovation (value) to your visitors. It will help you scale up fast and your site to the top and will you not be happy to retire at 21 (let that dream of yours come true)

4. Affiliate Marketing Business is easy to operates

Some affiliate marketers who have succeeded have come to realize that scaling their businesses through dropshipping or wholesale operations was not that difficult to operate. Nowadays what I see some successful affiliate marketers do is to launch their own white-label or wholesale operation.


increasing your conversions by reducing traffic waste as well as recruiting other affiliates to promote your brand on your behalf is one of the the benefits of starting your own white label or wholesale operation when you venture into drop-shipping or wholesale It will be easy to function very well in affiliate marketing site and eCommerce business.

5. Many Monetization Sources

Affiliate marketing will connects you to different marketing channels and sources of customer acquisition. RightCasino will be our case study here, he try to monetize traffic through industry & entertainment news, Twitter , pay per click (PPC) translating your website to various language will really help your affiliate marketing business, email marketing and others as good strategy.

There are brands that will allow you promote your affiliates links straight on social media platforms and pay per click (PPC) networks like Facebook , twitter and instagram. It is not compulsory to have your own website to before you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Those were the 5 method to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria,

Do you want to build a profitable Affiliate Marketing business online? this article I have compiled will be your direct guide. You will see a lot of relevant affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and their affiliate marketing links to register and start making money in Nigeria.

Konga and Jumia offers nice commissions for its affiliates too, you can also try the hosting providers we have in Nigeria.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.




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