Top 5 Best Domain and Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2018!

Are you in search for the recommended web hosting companies in Nigeria that you can trust your domain and web files with? Then in this post, you are going to find out which ones we recommend for you without waste of time.

Nigeria is vastly embracing technology and digitization. In this case, lots of companies are launching their own web hosting and domain registry in Nigeria.


best hosting and domain name companies in nigeria

Taking an account of experience and security consciousness, it is vital to consider and reconsider certain facts, terms and conditions before accepting to trust any of those new and old hosting companies to avoid scam and downtime in your business.

In 2017, DomainkingNG had a serious downtime which caused lots of businesses to fall and become inaccessible. The reasons were not communicated to customers who trusted and hosted with them until they finally settled their disputes before apologizing. The problem was not about the apology but loss of business connections and the free flow of information.

Imagine if a popular site like Vanguard, Pulse, Naij and other popular sites had to shut down for a period of time; what could have been the result of passing information to the general public? We will become blind and live in a dark environment. But luckily, they came back to claim their name.

Not to deliberate much on DomainkingNG, am only trying to say that lots of things have to be considered before deciding on the best hosting company or domain registrar in Nigeria.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Webhosting in Nigeria

Customers Reviews – Lots of people may not border to read reviews online before taking on any product, but this is wrong. The internet is so large beyond measure that you can find almost any good and relevant information about any trusted company.

For example; if I type Domainking Review now, you will see lots of popups with different titles and opinions. The truth is that people have used them and can vividly testify of their service either good or bad.

Uptime – Many of the hosting and registrars promise 99% uptime but they neither fulfill this. Watch out!

Whois Guard – Unfortunately, Nigerian web hosting and domain registrars do not provide a whois guard for free. You can purchase it if you don’t mind.

Customer’s service – Have you seen any web hosting company that when you call their customer service number, a bot will be talking to you instead of a human? Run away from such web hosting company, they don’t worth your customer-ship. Consider their available customer service channels such as email, live chat, and support forum.

Features and Packages – Lot of hosting offer more features than others. You need to consider the service such as; cPanel emails, Bandwidth, TLDs, Diskspace and more.

DomainkingNG Webhosting Review

DomainkingNG is the best web hosting company in Nigeria so far, considering customers reports and personal experience with them. Their customer service is faster than any other Nigerian web hosting so far and their service is more advanced and reliable than others.


Whogohost Webhosting Review

Whogohost is another best web hosting and domain registrar in Nigeria that offer affordable web hosting and domain registration service to Nigerians. You can easily pay with your Naira Debit/ATM card right here in Nigeria or walk into any nearest bank bearing their service account details to make a deposit for your hosting and domain.

Hostnownow Webhosting Review

Hostnownow for my own opinion, I have not personally used them, but trust me they are good and able to withstand a taste of satisfaction. Do you intend to host your small business or company online with either country domains like .ng, and many other country domains? Then Hostnownow is a recommended host for your business.

Web4Africa Webhosting Review

Is another Nigerian web hosting for Africans, Nigeria specifically that also helps to provide domain registration and web hosting for better performance and accessibility in Nigeria. You can also use your debit Master/Visa or any Naira Card to Pay.

Hub8 Web Hosting Review

Hub8 is a leading global web hosting company that offers a personalized customer service to Nigerians and other parts of the world. Yes with hub8, you can get web hosting with a very affordable amount and domains at a very discounted offer including free hosting until you decide to upgrade.

Benefits of using Nigerian Webhosting

  • Flexible Payment with Naira cards and other related credits cards
  • Country domain available (,,, etc)
  • Discounted amount
  • Easy Bank walk-in for easy payment
  • No taxes or too much verification information

Disadvantages of using Nigerian Hosting

  • Whois Guard is public – someone can easily locate you by tracking your domain whois information
  • Downtime – Lots of the web hosting in Nigeria aren’t hosted or owned by real businessmen who want to last longer in the business and can easily fall thereby making their hosting not reliable.

In conclusion, Netpreneur Nigeria thinks Whogohost and Web4africa tops the list of the best hosting and domain registrar companies in Nigeria. Then for domain registration only, we recommend DomainKing, they have proven to Nigerians that they are ready for business.

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Disclaimer: Your use of any hosting or domain registrar companies recommended in this post is entirely up to you. You hereby agree not to hold and all its associates responsible for any loss whatsoever.


Feel free to drop your questions and observations in the comments.


Warm Regards

Osazee Kelvin King.


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