As you are preparing to live the laptop lifestyle, you will need a website along the line, you need a good Web Hosting Provider too.

Since the internet is a virtual, but real environment, most of your services and products sale should be publicized on your website in your drive to make money online.


Of course, Osazee King kelvin, the born internet marketer, has outlined about 6 sure ways to really make money online in Nigeria which I encourage you to read up, if you haven’t.

Yes, as possible as these are, you need a website, and a good Web Hosting Provider to bring these to fruiting. Don’t get it twisted, that’s the fact. So, get a website today. Its unavoidable, yet very critical.

Choosing A Good Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria: Likely Questions

Truth is, your web hosting provider really matters in the deciding of the success or downfall of your website, and subsequently your netpreneurial adventure. If you get a quack, expect a quack service. But if you get a professional, expect a professional service.

Who hosts your website? Should you go for Godaddy or Namecheap? Should it be Whogohost or Bluehost? Is it better to host outside the country, or should I host locally in Nigeria?

Should it be a native, regular hosting service or should it be purely WordPress hosting? Why get a VPS, and not a dedicated hosting?


I know these are basic questions on your mind. I’ve been there till I finally struck the goldmine and found the best solution that matched my requirements.

Comment below and I’ll give you some success tips with lifetime support.

Free Hosting or Paid Web Hosting Provider?

I have been in this game for well over 5 years and tasted both waters: free hosting and paid hosting. Most of my life has been with free webhosting hosting platforms, and I’ll tell you what I found out. for example, owned by provides the best free hosting for sites, but with several restrictions. At least they don’t place ads like hosting, and allow you to optimize your site, and even place ad codes. free hosting does not allow you to do that, and they spam your site with ads.

But I got the biggest pen-in-the-ass on blogger when I tried moving my website to WordPress last year. That’s when it occurred to me that, free things really suck!

But did I also tell you I outranked several paid hosting websites with my free blogger sites? That’s when knowledge of SEO matters. So, in all, it depends on what you know and how you apply it.

Free WordPress hosting is worse than hosting, technically speaking.

Sponsored, and also gives free hosting service. But, none of these beats a good paid web hosting service like good paid hosting service. You can as well drop a comment below and I’ll guide you through.

My Top 8 Recommendations For Choosing A Web Hosting Provider in Nigeria

  1. Do not patronize a free web hosting provider, except for very personal (not-professional) reasons.
  2. Avoid free domain names that comes with web hosting services, even if it’s a paid web hosting service. Reason is that you may not be able to transfer the domain from the present hosting provider, if need be, but will be compelled to buy it up at the regular fee, which could be very costly. Free things really suck, at times.
  3. Do not choose any web hosting provider service below 2gid of disk space. Your web storage space really matters.
  4. Your bandwidth should be at least 10gig
  5. Go for scalable hosting services. The ones that offer at least monthly web hosting subscription services are best. It allows you to test the service and scale up if satisfied with the web hosting provider service.
  6. Your web hosting provider should offer domain privacy and SSL certificates, guard against DDoS attacks etc.
  7. Choose a web hosting provider service that offers regular backups.
  8. Avoid hosting WordPress sites on plans other than WordPress hosting, and same goes for other installed platforms.


The list is endless, but let me stop here. If you need more, you can kindly drop a comment below. I typically reply within 24 hours.

If you wish to get a good web hosting provider in Nigeria, then I recommend Garanntor and Whogohost. Whogohost, however, does not have WordPress hosting.

Lastly, please avoid the popular Hub.8 free web hosting service making the rounds today in Nigeria.




  1. Thanks so much for this informative post,
    I have been on blogger platform for the past 4years and I love using it, have read it somewhere about how WordPress is suitable and simple, but I still find it difficult, I will be glad if you can make a post about WordPress as in basic guide for beginners.


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