Dear Freelance Writer :: Avoid These 5 Common But Deadly Mistakes


Dear Freelance Writer, if you really want to succeed beyond your imaginations as a Freelance Writer, avoid these common but deadly mistakes.

One thing that gives us joy when it comes to freelancing is the freedom to stay anywhere and do your job. It is not a job that you need to be going to office every day for it to work, you do your job at will because it gives you time to mingle with friends and associates.

Which job will you go for, is it the one your boss will be giving you query for not coming on time?. Now that being said, do note that a lot of us make some kind of mistakes we should not have made.

Here are the 4 Common Mistakes you should avoid as a Freelance Writer

  • Not Guest blogging/Guest Posting

When you guest blog you put your content in top meaningful websites not only for link backs or traffic. If you are a good writer or freelancer and people love your style of writing you will get jobs fast.

A lot of freelancers have always let this go like it does not matter, but facts be told it matters when it comes to money making. Know that you must strategies enough to get jobs too since it’s not an office job that you will be paid by your boss.

  • Not Having A Blog

If you have a websites with a nice design, it may not make you any money but if you have a websites with quality contents where people will be directed to see as they are coming from the guest posting site will be nice.

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When people are moved from the guest post ads from a blog to your sites make them believe that you can do more, let them not realize it was just an advert but show them a lot of writing that will move them to hire you for a job fast.

When you have a blog you will be able to grow your audience and make money repeatedly by sending them offers as the come.

  • Not Scouting For Jobs

For those of us working at a freelancing websites here is the gist; you know as well as I do that this world is a competitive place to stay and if you don’t struggle for survival you will die soon. What am trying to say in essence is that you should not be satisfy only from buyers taping on your posted gig to buy from you.

Its ok if its ok for you, but personally I think if you scout for jobs you will make money quick. There are thousands of people competing for the same position even with better offer than yours. If you position yourself in one position you may die soon. Try sending clients emails about your service, like if the could like this and give them discount and trust. Not all will agree but some will and you make your money.

  • Not Showcasing Information About your Job

before I forget, if you are a freelancer and you own a websites, state your about us very clearly. Explain the nature of your work, who you are also. Not only that write why people should do a particular stuff and the benefits they stand to get.

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Don’t forget as you are telling them to get an offer from you also tell them why they should buy your services. This will give clients confidence that you know what you are doing.

  • Not Having a Niche

Do you know that freelancing is a very big career on its own? Before I started out I ask myself this; Who am i? What should I be known for? What type of customers should I expects?

If you are being able to answer those questions personally then you are good to go. Please for crying out loud, have a niche stop being MR. I CAN DO ALL stop things jack of all trade because you may not be perfects in so many and your work delivery will stand you out as an amateur.

Clients will take note of you and tell others not to order jobs from you again. Don’t you think you will be losing out.

If you are a jack of all trade it means you are a confused freelancer. Like my coach will have niche, know it very well and you will scale through fast. I think you should do same.

In Summary:
When it comes to freelancing you must adhere strictly to its rules as if you will be sent to prison for breaking them in real life. That is if you really want to make money, nobody beats you noting happens to you, in this case you are the architect of your own problem if you fail.

Anybody can be a freelancer but not easy to keep the rules to become a good freelancer. I have stated clearly the 5 Common Mistakes you should avoid as a Freelance Writer. Such as, not guest blogging, not having a niche, not showcasing information about your job, not owning a blog and so on.

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I hope you learnt one or two from this post as netpreneurs, Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section. Also share this with your friends they will need it.


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  1. Hey,
    great job!
    You have pointed out some real mistakes that freelancers do. Not doing the Guest posting and not updating profile is bad practice.BTW, thanks for sharing these useful steps. have a great weekend.


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