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Get Post Ideas For Your Blog Like A Ninja Netpreneur, Wanna Find Out How?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the top 5 places to regularly get post ideas for your blog without running into writers’ block or lack of ideas.

Have you been thinking of writing the next post on your blog without intensive keyword research? Then this post will show you how to do that with ease. Isn’t this amazing?

Fellow bloggers of mine have always ran out of post ideas. The fact is that there are several ways to regularly get repeated post ideas which I am going to show you, and you will be amazed.

Here Are The Top 5 Places To Regularly Get Post Ideas For Your Blog

Google WebMaster’s Dashboard

Friends, this place has been a good source of my traffic monitoring and regular post ideas. This place has helped me to target good keywords that move with my niche without spending a dime on keyword research and other premium keyword research tools.

Recently, I have discovered a mind-blowing article to write on my blog just by monitoring my Google Traffics from my Google Webmaster dashboard.

How to use Google Webmaster Dashboard for Blog post ideas

  • Login to your Google Webmasters Dashboard
  • Click on Search Traffic
  • Click on Search Analytics as pointed in the screenshot above
  • You will see lot of keywords you are ranking for on Search Engines and if possible, navigate to see the average position.
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Now from that keyword, most of them you might not have written directly about them but Google is giving you the traffic. Go and make a broader post about it and optimize it.


Google Related Search

Lots of people miss out of this opportunity as bloggers and cannot really think of making use of this keyword suggestion by Google. Google related Searches are other similar search terms people are using to search for a particular thing online.

For example; people may be searching regularly for Make money online and you know the keyword is very competitive and cannot easily make you stand out of the crowd. Now is not everyone searching for make money online.

You can tap from their related search and still rank for those keywords. For example; how to make money in Nigeria without spending a dime… Amazing huh!

Google Analytics

Do you know that Google Analytics can give you much post ideas and keyword to really rank for???

Well, this is a secret many people do not know about. Google analytics is another webmasters tool developed by Google to help you monitor traffic or visitors behavior on your site.

While you are using it for this purpose, it’s also very helpful to get new post ideas out of it.

Google Keyword Planner

Sometimes when am running out of Keyword or Posts to write on, I quickly remember a free tool to help me easily get on board with a new post idea.


While you use Keyword Planner to make keyword research, it also helps you to easily gather new post ideas to take on.

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How to use Keyword Planner to get new post ideas

  • Enter the keyword you want to track and click search.
  • Lots of other keywords will pop up
  • Take that keyword to any Longtail Keyword finder tool and see the magic.

WordPress Dashboard

If you use WordPress as a CMS then you can easily get new post ideas for your blog. I had gotten a lot of keyword suggestion right within my blog dashboard.

Many people do not understand that they can easily monitor search analytics and traffic right on their site dashboard. I have tested and trusted this method and it’s working like magic.

Many times, WordPress will record some search-related keywords users are using to search on Google which sometime may be directly or indirectly related to your target keyword.

If peradventure you don’t target that keyword, it doesn’t mean because it appeared on your dashboard you actually got a click, NO. Take that keyword and make deep research about it if it worth writing about and you may be surprised to find new post idea related to that research.

How to get post Idea with WordPress Dashboard

  • Install the WP Statistic Plugin if you do not have already
  • Wait for some few days if you are recently installing it
  • Go to WP Statistics Page on your WordPress Dashboard and you will see all related Searches on your site. Use the ones you don’t have articles on and generate new post ideas.

These are the simple ways to consistently get post ideas without doing deep keyword research.

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