How To Make Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria [UPDATED FOR 2023]


PREMIUM ARTICLE: How To Make Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria

How To Make Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria

Have you been struggling with yourself on how to make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria and could not find a reliable source to learn with a complete guide how to easily create a Bitcoin Wallet, Fund the wallet and start making your investment a reality? Then today marks your best opportunity to get most interesting entrepreneurial guide to starting a Bitcoin investment in Nigeria.

Recently, I noticed most of my Facebook friends where so curious and eager to learn the Bitcoin investment process which perhaps they could not find any reliable and comfortable place to learn that.

As an entrepreneur who wants to leverage the masses on making money online just like myself, I thought it being nice to be their helper in this aspects.


What Is Bitcoin And How Does It Affect The World?

Bitcoin is a widely, globally and digital currencies which cannot be seen nor feel with physical eyes. It’s one of the most trending cryptocurrencies in the market right now.


With an eye on the market and technology variation, it may be made a physical currency soon to overthrow the global currency ($$$). Technology will tell about that in the nearest future.

In the meantime, Bitcoin have affected our ecosystem and is gradually turning average Nigerians and the poor masses into billionaires and multimillionaires.

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Bitcoins have affected the lives of those who could not provide food for their families nor settle other social bills that complete the life of every man. In this regard generally, Bitcoins is the next big thing in the world.


The Trend And Everything About Bitcoin In Nigeria

Bitcoins was globally discovered with a confusing mind of the launching in August 2008. Finally, it was launched and came into existence in January 2009 where Satoshi Nakamoto started mining the first block of bitcoins generally known as the Genesis block because it was the first bitcoins that speeded with time.

In Nigeria, people were more scared and had no much knowledge about the bitcoins investment. Very few could understand what bitcoins was and how to actually use it to make money online.

It started a rapid growth in Nigeria when the MMM Nigeria was launched and started accepting bitcoins as a mean of proving and getting help.


Although before this time, a lot of people already got the knowledge and started investing in Bitcoins.

Until MMM became a global scam and a talk for everyone, Bitcoins was not given a clear citation to discover its potentials and future hope.

The amount of Bitcoin as at this time though wasn’t encouraging to invest on. Not Until late 2015, 2016 where it rises to around $1k+.

People and businesses started accepting bitcoins as a means of payment and the rest.

And in late 2017, December precisely, Bitcoin became the most talked about currency in Nigeria and the world at large to the extent it hits $19k+. Not so long, it started falling down again.


How To Make Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria, Is It Really Possible?

Yes, you can make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria, but you have to know what you’re doing, in order not to lose your money, that’s the essence of this article, keep reading.

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How To Open A Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria And Store Your Bitcoin Safely

This is one of the most important aspects to consider before starting investing in Bitcoins. If you already own a bitcoin wallet with any trusted wallet, that’s cool and you can skip this step and go to the next process. I am sure you are using a trusted wallet.

I will recommend Flitaa wallet, Luno Wallet, Paxful wallet, Blockchain wallet or Coinbase wallet.

Most of these wallets can charge too much to process a transaction. Notwithstanding, here’s how to open a wallet with Flitaa or other wallet managers.

Step 1: Go to Flitaa

Step 2: Make sure you use the link above to to Create an account so you can get some save up to 5% on fees.

Step 3: Login to your email provided and confirm your email address


Step 4: Fund your wallet by buying Bitcoin using bank transfer.



But if you’re still confuse, you can watch this short video that explains how to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria using Flitaa Wallet app.




Now, the big question is;

How Can You Really Make Money With Bitcoin in Nigeria In 2023 And Beyond?

As far as am concerned, they are many lucrative ways you can make a good amount of money as an investor in the cryptocurrency. These ways are genuinely used by top internet marketers and entrepreneurs in 2017 and the big power of investment is in 2018.

  • Buy Bitcoin And Store

To really make money online with bitcoins as a Nigerian, I will advise you buy Bitcoins any time the value of the dollar is low. And later on, when it finally rise again, you can resell it and make a profit.

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Take for instance; when bitcoins was $5k, a friend of mine bought 2 Bitcoins that’s around 6 Million Naira and later on when it rises to $19, he quickly sold one and a half bitcoins. Imagine the huge interest.

  • Invest In ICOs

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. This is the initial coins released at a discounted amount to investors for any new coins as a startup and only last for a limited period until the funding goal is finally met.

For example, when Electroneum was released and almost 300 coins were been sold for $10 which later, the value massively did about 10 times of that amount.

If you hear of any potential new coins that are to be released or has been released already, quickly find a way to invest your bitcoins to get the maximum interest when it finally enters the market. This should be done with caution as some coins may not be good to invest.

  • Make Money With Bitcoins Gambling

As a good gambler, many platforms have been provided to easily aid the use of bitcoins to reward your passion. This is mainly recommended for those that are good in gambling and knows what they are doing in Casinos.

  • Make Bitcoin A Means Of Payment

According to statistics, those Nigerians who made Bitcoins in 2016 their means of payment tend to save a lot of bitcoins since then till it finally raised. This is a profitable means to make a huge amount of bitcoins while you will still save much for yourself.


Flitaa Review; Read This First: Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies Easily On Flitaa

In Conclusion:

To make money with Bitcoins in Nigeria, you must be watchful and be careful with the ICOs you invest your coins on to avoid scam.

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