Meaning of Affiliate Program, How to start An Affiliate Program

Meaning of Affiliate Program? When we talk about an affiliate program, always remember advertiser and webmasters/siteowner. An affiliate program is an exchange of an agreed business service between a webmaster and advertiser. This service is done by, placing the company's advertisements on their websites.


Those ads place on the owners site are simply an affiliate links. To earn from an affiliate website, most cases you will be given a certern commission based on aggrements when someone purchase an item from the link place on your website inform of ads.

To get started you must first sign up for the affiliate programs, though the majority of the affiliate programs cost nothing to join. Affiliate program is also known as affiliate model.

Meaning of Affiliate Program, How to start An Affiliate Program
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How to start An Affiliate Program

1. Choose an affiliate Niche

questions to ask yourself when determining your niche are:

  • Before choosing a niche ask yourself if affiliate programs are available in that niche?
  • What is the interest rate for products demand for in that niche?
  • How lucrative is that niche?
  • What topics do I have passion for?

Will you be able to compete with the kings already with the system? If it is a popular niche chances are if you are not strong you may end up failing, just poick a niche you know you can be successful at and move on.

You want to start an affilkiuate business, always check to see how many people really need such products or services. Check for demand before supply.


2. Do Feasibility/Research study on Affiliate Programs

3. Build a Site

Can I hear netpreneur shout wordpress!!! Yes building a websites is not hard nowadays because with wordpress you can setup your websites by yourself from scratch. WordPress CMS is very easy for anybody to use. You need a landing page where visitors will follow to see your contents.

You need to follow a few steps to have your site up and running:

  • Purchase a domain name.

Domain is the name of your website, but you will need to register it and claim ownership. That is your personal link your customers will click to come to your websites to make purchase. Your website is your online office people will come to see what you offer and how to contacts you not only for affiliate but for other business deal.

Godaddy, namecheap, gurantor are some of the places you can register you domain name from. They have good support system such that if you have any issues you can always fall back to get help almost immediately.

  • Purchase hosting and set it up
  • Install WordPress.
  • Install your theme.
  • Create content.

5. Build an Audience

Have quality contents on your page or website for readers, when readers value your contents and will always come back to your website to check for more. If you are consistent with it someday you put up an affiliate they will also patronize you and lay a purchase.


Here are some useful tips:

  1. As an affiliate marketer you need to invest in paid ads much to get yoiur content to a wider audience and make sales fast.
  2. Email list building
  3. Increase search engine traffic to your site by doing good SEO
  4. Make use of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest and so on to Promote your content
  5. Write Guest post on top traffic website/blogs.



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