How to move from Blogger to WordPress without Losing search engine Rankings

Today on netpreneur am going to be teaching you How to move from Blogger to WordPress without losing search engine Rankings

Let’s get started.


How to move from Blogger to WordPress without Losing search engine Rankings

How to move from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Search Engine Rankings

  1. You Have to Export Your Blogger Blog
  • First export your blogger blog’s content.
  • log into your blogger dashboard and go to Settings
  • click on Other page.
  • From ‘Import & back up’ section,
  • Click on ‘Back up Content’ button.
  • Export your Blogger blog backup
  • Shows a popup click on the ‘Save to your computer’ display
  • After that you Download your blog’s backup file to your computer (File downloaded is an XML file)
  • Once the download is complete, it is time to import it into your WordPress site.
  1. You Have to Import Blogger to WordPress
  • If you want to import Blogger to WordPress, do the following
  • go to your WordPress admin
  • click on Tools
  • click on Import
  • click on Blogger
  • Blogger importer under WordPress import tools
  • click on the Install button to ‘install the Blogger to WordPress importer’(from the popup)
  • Downloading and installing Blogger Importer plugin now.
  • click on the Activate Plugin and Run Importer link to continue
  • Activate and run blogger importer
  • the XML file you downloaded in the first method will be used,
  • click on the choose file button
  • Click on Upload file & import button to continue.
  • Now you will need to Upload Blogger export file to WordPress

For those that have a small host, an error that your file size is too large may come up. Go and improve on your maximum file upload limit by increasing it. Small files size shows no errors friends.

WordPress now import your blogger posts one by one to wordpress., assign author to imported posts. You will need to do that soon as you finish.

Awesome, finally imported your Blogger content into WordPress successfully. Don’t want to miss any search rankings and visitors just get to the step below now let’s roll netpreneur.

  1. You Have to Set-up Permalinks

What could this permalink means? Permalinks are simply URL structure of individual pages on your blog. Good enough WordPress has an inbuilt SEO friendly URL feature.

Here is how to set permalinks,

  1. navigate to Settings
  2. you have to choose Month and Name as your permalink structure for your WordPress site
  3. You Have to Set-up Your Redirection

Reason you need to set-up proper redirection ;

is for users to get redirected to your new site. Another thing is, it creates awareness to search engines about importing  your old site to a new location.

Levels Of Redirection Of Blogger To WordPress

Setting up redirection is on two basis.

  1. Takes Blogger visitors to your new WordPress blog.,
  2. Takes them directly to the exact post they are looking for

Blogger redirects should come first, to do this

  • log in to your Blogger dashboard
  • go to your Blog’s settings
  • click on Template.
  • Blogger Template
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • click on Revert to Classic Template

Once switched to classic template, it displays ‘Edit Template HTML’ in the text-area. use the below code to replace everything in this text area with it.

Note: replace http://www.example.com with your own website. This is just an example am using to illustrate it for practical reasons.

how to move from blogger to wordpress

















<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://example.com/” />





<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://example.com/?blogger=<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>” />







<h1><a href=”http://example.com/”><$BlogTitle$></a></h1>




<h1><a href=”http://example.com/?blogger=<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>”><$BlogItemTitle$></a></h1>






Now Save your template.

Nice one netpreneur, we have now been able to successfully make redirection on Blogger blog to wordpress.

How To Setup Redirection On Your WordPress Site

This rediection from wordpress is done so that users will be refered/redirected to the right posts.

Now copy and paste the below code inside your WordPress theme’s ‘functions.php’ file.  Or in a plugin depending on your case.

how to move from blogger to wordpress site

function blogger_query_vars_filter( $vars ) {

$vars[] = “blogger”;

return $vars;



add_filter(‘query_vars’, ‘blogger_query_vars_filter’);


function blogger_template_redirect() {

global $wp_query;

$blogger = $wp_query->query_vars[‘blogger’];

if ( isset ( $blogger ) ) {

wp_redirect( get_wordpress_url ( $blogger ) , 301 );





add_action( ‘template_redirect’, ‘blogger_template_redirect’ );


function get_wordpress_url($blogger) {

if ( preg_match(‘@^(?:https?://)?([^/]+)(.*)@i’, $blogger, $url_parts) ) {

$query = new WP_Query (

array ( “meta_key” => “blogger_permalink”, “meta_value” => $url_parts[2] ) );

if ($query->have_posts()) {


$url = get_permalink();




return $url ? $url : home_url();


The usefulness of this code is that it creates a blogger to WordPress 301 redirect. Want to ensure best SEO then you will need the above code

that’s all you need to do netpreneur to set-up redirection from blogger WordPress site. I hope you learnt from it. Get in touch with us using the comment box if you experience difficulty and we will get you covered.

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