Welcome To My Owodaily Review – Let’s Find Out If This Opportunity Is Scam, Legit Or Waste Of Time.

owodaily review - Legit, Scam Or Waste Of Time

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Owodaily already, and you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it or not, and you’ve most likely searched online for “owodaily review, is owodaily legit or scam” whatever you searched, I will say today is your lucky day.


“You know that phrase, right?” So, relax as I’m about to explain to you how Owodaily works and how you can make real money from the online platform.

There are a thousand plus ways to make money and I’m sure you know quite a number of them.

Below are some likely questions you may have about Owodaily, and below the questions are answers, so Good luck as you get to read answers to the most likely questions you might be having about Owodaily.


What is Owodaily?

Owodaily is an online platform that works for digital job seekers, it allows digital service providers to get clients that need their digital service skills.

This means with Owodaily online platform, you will be given the opportunity to apply for digital jobs and whoever needs someone that could render the service that you’ve applied for would pay to Owodaily who would be acting as an intermediary between you and the client.


owodaily review - tasks

Then once you are done and the client has approved it Owodaily would then pay you. And this is how your journey starts for you to become the millionaire of your dreams.

Just like some other online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, Owodaily would make sure you finished a task and the task would have to be approved by your client before you will be allowed to have the money.

With Owodaily your earning range starts from 5 naira to N2,000 and it could get even higher, depending on how much It will cost to get your given task done.

From what has been explained from the beginning, Owodaily is not like some free cash giveaway site like you were thinking it to be, it is an online platform that allows you to work and get paid.


How Does Owodaily Work?

The major thing that the online platform does is sell individuals who have digital skills to those who need them, nothing more nothing less.

So, therefore, before you can be able to start making cash on Owodaily, you must have applied for a job, then on the platform, you would be advertised to someone willing to buy your service… the individual who is buying would then pay upfront to Owodaily(the online platform) and not until you are done with the task and the client approves it, you will not receive a single penny.


When you get to work this way consistently your chances of becoming financially fit, to take care of yourself and your families would increase, and would not have to worry so much about physical jobs anymore.


How Else Can I Make Money On Owodaily?

Since you have gotten an insight on the primary way of making money on the online platform (Owodaily), allow me to explain to you the process and more ways by which you can make money on the Owodaily platform.

*Become an Owodaily’s partner

Becoming a partner with Owodaily is one of the ways by which you can make yourself some cool cash from the Owodaily platform.

You can do this by submitting your application to the platforms email jobs(at)owodaily.com, if you are approved then you automatically become Owodaily’s partner, and you can start making for yourself at least N20,000 monthly. “isn’t that cool?” Hurry now! Start submitting your application “you might be approved who knows?”

*Become a member of the Owodaily platform

By you going right now to your browser and searching for Owodaily, then signing up as a member you stand a chance of making some real, legit money from the platform.

*Become a job seeker on Owodaily

Becoming a job seeker on Owodaily is another way by which you can make money on the platform.

If you are out there and you really want to register on the platform as a job seeker, it is quite easy, all you’ve got to do is sign up, then once you are approved, you choose the kind of service you intend to get a service provider on and then you apply.


Once whoever you approve to handle the job for you finishes with the task you can then use it for the main purpose you needed the job for, and that’s how you make money.

*Become a digital marketer on Owodaily

More than any other way to make money on the Owodaily platform this is one of the best and easiest.

And all you have got do on the platform is to post products that you wish to sell on the Owodaily marketplace and then if you feel like it you may decide to advertise the product you’ve posted, once someone buys it you can keep the profit for yourself.

*Become an affiliate with Owodaily

On the Owodaily platform, you can decide to refer a friend from your account if he or she signs up with your referral link on the first plan you will be getting the sum of N3000, while on the other remaining plans your earning would still be N3000 with zero commission.

These ways which I have stated for you above on how to make money on Owodaily are legit you should give it a try and I’m sure you will be grateful at the end of the day.


How To Sign Up On The Owodaily Platform:

I’m sure by now your interest in the platform (Owodaily) should have increased so to sign up just follow the instructions below, it will guide you.

CLICK HERE to sign up.


● Fill in your details

● Add your email and bank account

● You will receive a verification code rewrite the verification code on the given space.

● Lastly, to become a member, all you have to do is activate your membership program with Owodaily, and to do this you would have to pay some amount of money.

Once you have completed this steps that all you are already a member so you can start applying for deals and hopefully someday you will get one.



Owodaily, amongst many other online platforms, is a platform that is set to give many Nigerian youths another chance to make things right, by granting them the opportunity to get employed for the skills they spent 4-7 years learning in school, without having a job.

Utilize this opportunity very well!




I hope you enjoyed reading my unbiased owodaily review as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, go and succeed.





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