Top 10 Places To Sell Your Digital Products Faster Online


Want to sell your digital products online faster? read this, back then when I launched my first digital product on how to make money online as a freelancer, I found out that I needed to invest wholeheartedly on running Facebook ads in order to reach maximum potential buyers.

It wasn’t a bad idea though as I was very conversant with setting up a custom audience for my ads and placing the keywords to trigger the right audience. But so, I did a different split testing to see which way converted the most for my digital marketing and eBook sales business. And behold I found out that selling anything online isn’t as easier as I had thought before starting.

In a world of hundreds of thousands of professionals in a particular niche, it’s actually more difficult to standout and be unique from the crowd which will definitely help you to outsell your potential knowledge to the right audience that truly needs and are craving for your product.

Therefore, different initiatives have to be put in place for the best result to be achieved {talking of the right conversion}.

The truth is no body with a good heart who finds the right solution to a particular situation will ever let others to go through the same pains, mistakes and procedures to arrive at a given point or solution.

Investing in digital marketing is good but the competition is really high that you cannot sit and fold your hands to achieve the results. In this regard, your personal skills and ability to work smartly will define your success.


This is why am going to share with you Where and How to sell your eBooks and other digital products FAST Online.

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The game plan is that we must sell no matter what.

You have made all efforts buying the best Landing Page builder Software and designated your sales page with the best design you can possibly think off. You have also paid for your ecover design on fiverr, upwork, or possibly offline.

Now in your mind you are set to start making millions of Naira with orders flaunting in like magic. Ohh Sh*t I guess!

But wait dear, it doesn’t work that way. That’s why am sharing with you how to quickly sell your eBooks and other digital products online with the comfort of your time.

How and Where to Sell your eBook Online

When it comes to asking best places to sell ebooks online, I will always recommend Amazon first just like every other person will always do. But there’s a serious headache selling your ebooks on Amazon. It requires too much of Government documents such as business name which cannot be afforded by everyone.

Now there’s a big solution to this challenge which everyone can start selling anything online and make the money every other person is making.


To get started:

I believe by now you should have created your eBook, proofread, formatted, gotten a selling ecover for your book, turned your MS Word document to a PDF file or related file format.

Then let go into today’s business.

10 Places to sell your digital products for free

  1. JVZoo

JVZoo is a big internet marketing and affiliate marketing platforms that connects lots of marketers together with thousands of hungry buyers together to make buying and selling a reality.

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I personally sell on JVZoo and it’s been a very nice place to sell my digital products.

The big surprise is that it’s completely free for live.

The only advance part of it is getting a good and quality landing page with good and non-resistible Call to Action (CTA) that will forced buyers intentions to buy your product.


Disadvantage and Important notice to sellers: PayPal may block all your transactions if you do not retain a minimum balance of $100 on your PayPal account.

Advantages of JVZoo Platform: You will be given access to allow affiliate marketers to help promote your product which also helps in making more sales and achieving your goal. To make everything more profitable, JVZoo themselves also help to promote the content with a separate commission by making your product a “product of the day”.


  • Affiliate promoters
  • Coupon Codes to encourage buyers
  • List building for buyers and affiliate marketers
  1. Payhip

Just like JVZoo, Payhip works in conjunction with Affiliate marketers to promote product listing in real time to facilitate conversion and Click through rate. Payhip also help you to automatically build a good email list using API to integrate with your email marketing software.

I have had my first two ebooks listed there.

Their features are also great as that of JVZoo.


  • Good landing Page (within their site)
  • Affiliate promoters
  • Offer Social Discount
  • Coupon Codes to encourage buyers
  • List building for buyers and affiliate marketers

With the help of Payhip, I have been able to create promotion for my eBooks and let other bloggers and affiliate marketers to help sell my eBooks to their audience and make some little commissions for themselves. This help to maximise my sales.

  1. Amazon
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Amazon is good but my dear you have to go the advance way before you can sell on Amazon. I have not personally been able to sell on Amazon as it isn’t working for individual who have not registered their business name. So I have not much personal experience but to be sincere, it a great platform to let your digital product go viral.


  • Affiliate promoters
  • List building for buyers and affiliate marketers
  1. Clickbank

Clickbank is another great platform for digital products that allow entrepreneurs and internet marketers to market their digital products and make more money by allowing affiliates to help promote their products.

I don’t currently sell on Clickbank, am only an affiliate promoter at the moment and have made little sales there since I signed up. The reason is because at the starting, I was unable to pay the Vendor activation fee of around $47.

  1. WorriorPlus

I personally have not much experience with WorriorPlus because I have neither affiliated with them nor sell with them.

But, from the reviews I read online, they are pretty cool for digital product sale and affiliate marketing.

  1. Your Website

Yes, you head me right. I said Do you know you are losing out of money when you fail to sell your own products right on your website?

Yes. I have personally sold lots of digital products right on my site using the best landing page builder software that help me to create squeeze pages, sales pages and different kinds of pages. You too can do the same thing by purchasing a profitable landing page builder that will help you to design your landing page faster.


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