Top 3 Reasons Why You’ll Never Make Good Money Online


To Make good money online is not as complicated as most people see it.

Dear Netpreneur, in today’s post I am going to be sharing few things that actually made me struggle to make good money online for a very long time. The limitations could be sometimes unconscious, where they are not easy to detect and this makes it difficult to tackle on time, I was opportune to discover these same limitations and I’m glad I won the fight.

So get ready to win the fight to the three greatest limitations that will constantly work tirelessly to prevent you from making good money online.

You see nowadays, everybody wants to be financially free, so many of these people do not really care what to do to get to that point, they just want to wake up and start seeing huge chunk of cash lying around. I must tell you the bitter truth; it is not like that sweetheart.

This now brings us to our first limitation:

Wrong Mindset

The wrong mindset will greatly prevent you from making any money online, when you start something you don’t even have good understanding of, you will easily get frustrated when you meet with little hiccups along the way.

The wrong mindset will put you on the wrong path, you will picking stones thinking you are picking gold, so many wannabe internet marketers thinks there is one place other successful internet marketers get money.

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This is a totally wrong mindset, for you to make money online, you need to sell something, be it a product or a service, real people spend money online on real stuffs, get the wrong mindset and you have failed before you even got started.

So right your mindset if you really want to make good money online and succeed as an internet marketer.


This is one of the biggest reasons for so many failures not just with internet marketing alone, but all areas of life, so many people give up at the edge of glory, so many people pack up when they are almost close to success.

When I just started then, I would jump from one business opportunity to the other, I wouldn’t even wait to see if the one I started will succeed, after some few weeks I pack up and begin a whole new one, before long again, I go back to the abandoned project, leaving the new one I just started, this time I would be starting almost afresh without knowing.

IMPATIENCE almost ruined my chances of becoming a successful internet marketer, don’t let this be your case, when you begin something, make sure you persist till the very end.


We can say this is closely related to impatience, yes it is actually, and I have a reason for separating the two limitations, the reason is because I interpret them differently.

For example I start blog A, after few weeks I start blog B without even waiting to see blog A succeed, that’s my interpretation of impatience. Now for inconsistency, I am affiliate marketer this week and next week I am a blogger, this is what I mean when I say inconsistency.

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This is the major limitations to a lot of persons wanting to make a living online, running from one business model to another without mastering one first, the worse thing about inconsistency is that it plagues its victims for a very long time without freedom.

Do not let this be your case, finish whatever project you start, stay in one niche till you succeed in that niche, don’t make it a habit of jumping here and there, if you don’t beat inconsistency, you’ll struggle to make good money online forever.

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In summary, whatever limitations we may encounter along the way to making money online, we can overcome them, we’ve got all it takes to succeed in any endeavor we devote our time, we just need the right mindset, little patience and consistency.

I believe this post will help you in beating any of these limitations to dust so you can make good money online, kindly share your thoughts in the comment box.

Do not hesitate to share for your friends to see as well, remember we’re on this netpreneurship journey together.


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